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The German government’s answers
to questions about the German EAP

These documents are parts of our series of articles about the murder of UN Peace Mediator and Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme at 28 February, 1986, where the LaRouche movement and the EAP are described this way:

The LaRouche movement, in Europe better known as the European Workers Party (EAP), was under cover of an intentionally unserious façade in reality a sophisticated and apparently private intelligence service that worked for the CIA and the National Security Council (NSC). Like the disinformants connected to the FPRI, but in a much more sophisticated manner before and after the murder, the LaRouche movement and its affiliated branches conducted operations related to “Operation Olof Palme” along at least six parallel lines that all were controlled by the LaRouche movement in the United States and West Germany. After the murder, the EAP used disinformation to misguide the Palme murder investigation.

At 29 March, 1985, a group of parliamentarians, including some from Die Grünen, sent the German government fifteen written questions about the EAP and the organization's activities in Germany, as well as its relationship to US intelligence agencies. Question #9 was about the Secretary General of the German EAP, Anno Hallenbroich, and his brother Heribert who was the Head of the German security service Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), the “German FBI”. The questions were answered in a long letter from the German government at 1 April, 1985 (Lorscheid and Müller 1985:168), shown below.





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