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Read the unimagniable story of deep cover agent Gene Tatum
in a radiointerview with Rob Lorei 1996:

"... to work in one of the
three arenas that we were professionals at working:

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The Swedish-American journalist "John P Anderson" is back
with an increased story of his thoughts about Olof Palme
and the Palmemurder - including his first article on Leopold Report.
George Bush and the CIA behind
the assassination of primeminister

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The Swedish-American journalist John P Anderson has for eleven years studied the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as well as the CIA's operational methods and history. He believes that the murder of Olof Palme was a CIA operation.
His theory is that then Vice President George Bush, who also was a former head of the CIA, and the CIA Chief of the time, William Casey, together used President Ronald Reagan as an involuntary tool to implement the operation against Palme.

The Tower Commission investigated the operations of the National Security Council at the White House. This included the Iran-Contra scandal, which was first disclosed in November, 1986, and later developed day by day. The Commission was the first of a long row of investigations that gradually uncovered much more. However, they all left the impression that far from all had been revealed.

LR has already started a series of articles that step by step will reveal that the Palme murder indeed was the most secret of all the Iran-Contra scandal's secrets - read moore about it here!

Based on what today is known, there is good reason to believe that President Reagan also was kept uninformed about the Palme murder operation.

The motive for the assassination was very complex, and related to the many various arenas where the Reagan administration and PM Olof Palme were on colliding courses. One of these arenas was about the Swedish arms producer Bofors' illegal deliveries of heavy weapons and ammunition to Iran, which later was revealed to be part of the Iran-Contra scandal. In the autumn of 1985, UN Peace Mediator in the Iran/Iraq war and Prime Minister Olof Palme stopped the shipments after he had been made aware of them.

John P Anderson was among the protesters taking to the streets in the US during the Vietnam War. Just like a number of former CIA agents that based on their knowledge have exposed the operations of an alleged shadow government in the US, Anderson has chosen to use a cover name, for the sake of survival.

LR knows Anderson's real identity. Contrary to other media, we are letting Anderson express his opinions freely, since we believe he is credible. His work is based on documentation that cannot be published in LR, to protect his sources as well as the security of Anderson and his family in the United States.
Anders Leopold

(Updated 2013-01-19)

By John P Anderson
The responsibility for Olof Palme's murder belongs with the CIA and the political network in the world controlled by the American intelligence apparatus.
I tend to think that the CIA and George Bush are the "bad guys" here.
Bush continued the policies of wars for profit with deliveries of weapons to Iran, Iraq and the Contras.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, was assassinated in 1986 as he exited a cinema at around 10 PM with his wife. Olof Palme was certainly a controversial politician in Sweden, and had during the decades before his murder become controversial even outside the borders of Sweden. He became the social democratic Prime Minister for the first time in the late 60's and by this time he had already acquired a high profile on the Swedish political scene and was even somewhat known on the US one. As the Vietnam quagmire deepened, Palme took a strong stand against the American policies and even led anti Vietnam War demonstrations through the streets of Stockholm. I myself participated in some of these demonstrations, although I never caught a glimpse of the well known politician.

The assassin managed to escape from the death scene , running through some small streets towards a local park. In the aftermath of the murder, the police authorities gravitated towards investigating the small Kurdish community in Sweden. Soon the newspapers were filled with stories of threats made against Palme by Kurdish extremists because of some actions taken by Palme that were considered detrimental to the Kurdish cause. In the long run these suspicions didn't pan out and within a few years a local Swedish hoodlum, Krister Pettersson was indicted for the crime and subsequently convicted of it. The conviction was appealed and the Swedish Supreme Court soon freed Mr. Pettersson for insufficient evidence. The prosecution again tried to bring the suspect to court but was stopped by the same Court for similar reasons. From afar in the US I occasionally followed the developments, noticing the mushrooming leads that seemed to point in all kinds of different directions. Parts of the local Swedish police were suspected of the crime, then the Kurds again, followed by other suspects like the Chilean "Operation Condor", the European terrorist organization P2, the South African apartheid regime's intelligence services, not to mention the local Swedish Extreme Right.

When I first heard of the assassination I was sure it was politically motivated. I knew for a fact that Palme was hated like few other politicians in Sweden by his opponents, somewhat for his effectiveness but mainly for his cutting and sarcastic political debating style that left his opponents frequently in tatters. My own father, a farmer, was no lover of social democracy in general, and Palme especially was like a red shirt in front of a bull to him, leaving him frequently sputtering with indignation. It wasn't farfetched to believe that a local Swedish political fanatic could have committed the deed. But I thought I knew it was atypical of the Swedish temperament to commit such a brutal political crime, the papers afterwards frequently lamented the fact that Sweden now had lost its innocence, not unlike the US reaction to the JFK assassination.
My early suspicions inevitably turned towards the US Intelligence Services since I knew that they would have no qualms about getting rid of Palme if it would further their purposes. From my studies of the Reagan administration I knew that it was very likely that the CIA had sabotaged the Carter rescue attempt of the American hostages in Iran. The attempt turned out to be a disaster with helicopters and airplanes colliding even before any serious attempt was under way. I was sure that the rumors of the "October Surprise" were correct, since even a Reagan insider confirmed that the Reagan campaign had closed a deal with the mullahs in Teheran to delay the release of the American hostages so that President Carter wouldn't be able to claim credit for the release and thus win the 1980 election.

A friend of mine, who had become tired of my interest in the JFK assassination , suggested that political murders in the US were no big deal, even Sweden had prominent politicians murdered. This was during the time that the prosecution still was pursuing Krister Pettersson, the freed suspect. I recall having to bite my tongue, since I wanted to reply that the murder of Palme could probably be traced to the CIA and its sister organizations. A few years later, my suspicions gained considerable credence. During my perusal of political controversies on the Internet I ran across a former American CIA agent by the name of "Chip"Tatum, whose spilling of the beans were interesting to say the least. According to Tatum, the US had been awash in political shenanigans during the 80's , the CIA had financed the Contras with drug sales in targeted black neighborhoods and corrupted the then Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, in the process. All this activity was headed by George Bush, the Vice President. Any individual standing in the way of this criminal operation was summarily done away with. I bolted upright when Tatum revealed that the Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, was murdered on behalf of a hidden organization, the OSG, which had a certain colonel Oliver North in a leading role. North's ultimate superior was Vice President George Bush.

I quickly drew the conclusion, that the investigation into Palme's murder was the same type of cover-up operation as the Warren Commission had been. It seemed to me that the reach of the American intelligence agencies extended all the way into the top echelons of Sweden's political elite and police authority. In my mind I conjured up training facilities somewhere in the US, where naïve Swedish politicians and police investigators were sent to learn how to run an investigation in such a fashion that the cover-up would have a minimal chance of being exposed. I have a feeling that their teachers were somewhat confounded with some of the careless statements by leading Swedish pupils though. One investigator let slip: "If the truth about the assassination of Olof Palme were ever to be known, it would shake Sweden to its foundation!" Another commented: "It would be best if the murder of Palme were never solved."

One of my suspicions from the elections of 1992, the fact that there had to be some political dirty tricks behind the inexplicable withdrawal of candidate Perot during the summer of 1992, turned out to be correct. "Salandria's Law" definitively suggested that some action on behalf of the Bush campaign had caused Perot's damaging exit, and Tatum confirmed it, in fact he revealed that this episode was the determining factor in his decision to quit intelligence activities. Tatum had been approached by the OSG and Bush to assassinate Perot, but had refused, since he didn't want to be involved in the killing of American citizens as opposed to foreign ones. He informed the shocked officials that he had stacked away evidence of criminal activities by the Reagan/Bush administrations in at least six countries, and if he didn't check in at certain times, these recipients were to release the documents. He agreed to let himself be framed on minor charges in order to acquire a felon status that could be used against him in case he went public, but when his wife was subsequently also jailed, Tatum went public anyway. Since a few years now, he has disappeared totally from the scene, some say he has made a deal with the establishment to keep quiet and some say he probably has been mixed in concrete and is resting on the ocean floor.

In early 1999, I had managed to acquire a tape featuring "Chip" Tatum, where he disclosed how Palme had been set up and murdered, and I was pondering if it was worth it to try to alert Swedish newspapers to the fact that this valuable tape existed. I decided to write a story about the new evidence and sent it by e-mail to the three largest Swedish newspapers. Then I proceeded to wait to see if there would be any reaction. I was soon disappointed, there were no mention of this new angle to the continuing Palme investigation. In fact, other gossipy assassination angles frequently appeared, but the tape of Tatum disappeared into the dark recesses of the papers.

(But not on Leopold Report, here you can listen to the short sequence when Gene Tatum talk about the Palmemurder and more than one hour about the background):
Listen to the tape here

One such story featured the Kurd leader, Ocalan, who with the help of CIA had been captured by Turkish authorities and transported in bondage to Turkey. Soon afterwards reports from Turkey had Ocalan saying to his captors that his former wife was behind the assassination of Palme. I had to laugh to myself, the CIA and its Turkish sister organization certainly didn't waste any time putting out disinformation.

Later I ran across a Swedish retired journalist, who had set up a web site about the Palme murder. This journalist, who during his career often had met with Palme, was on the right track when he thought that it was worthwhile to pursue the CIA angle of the assassination. I decided to sent him the story I had written for the Swedish papers and hit pay dirt. Within a few days he had plastered a shortened version on his web site, where the story promptly died. Not one paper followed up on the revelations. I quickly drew some conclusions about the reach of the American intelligence agencies, they obviously had their tentacles all the way into the managing structures of the main Swedish media. Here is the whole story from which excerpts were published:

"My name is John Anderson, I was born in Sweden, emigrated to the United States in the 1970’s. During my youth I participated in anti Vietnam War demonstrations in Stockholm and saw Olof Palme as a political hero of mine. As we all know Olof Palme was assassinated in 1986 and the case is still unsolved although there is an abundance of theories about who and what was behind the assassination. Since the advent of the Internet I have been able to follow the news in Sweden about the continuing investigation while living in the United States slowly absorbing its culture and political secrets. This perspective of mine, gained over the last two decades, have led me to a simple conclusion. The responsibility for Olof Palme’s murder belongs with the CIA and the political network controlled by the American intelligence apparatus. In my hands I have a tape of a CIA “black bag operative” stating knowledge of a decision by the same apparatus to eliminate Palme using a South African operative. I believe this person to be telling the truth. How did I arrive at such a conclusion.

I grew up with a youthful admiration for all things American, not unusual in the late 50’s and early 60’s. As I gained more knowledge this was tempered by my distaste for US support of all “Tin Pot dictators” around the world and of course because of Vietnam. A defining moment in my life was the assassination of JFK in 1963. Since I came to the US I have studied this assassination a great deal and in the process discovered the truth about American democracy. Not only was there a coup d’etate in 1963, but the modern history of the USA is bunk, a myth propagated by the mastering of “public relations” at the service of a “Shadow Government” instituted in 1947 if not earlier.

In order to understand what has happened we need to go back to the 30’s. The Great Depression brought FDR to power and with him policies that were abhorred by the powers that be in the USA. Within a year of FDR’s ascent to the Presidency, large parts of the establishment were conspiring to overthrow FDR in favor of a fascist state. This is verifiable history, the coup failed because the general, who had been tapped to lead the overthrow balked. The media wouldn’t reveal the coup attempt since the economic elite was behind it. This same elite watched Hitler tame the depression by turning his countrymen against the Jews and establishing a war economy while profits were still low to nonexistent back home. They watched Hitler go down in flames and they decided that what was needed for the USA was a set-up like Hitler’s but concealed in such a way that the people would have no reason to object to fascist policies.

And this is exactly what they created in the years following WWII. The enemy was easy and right around the corner, world wide Communism, even better than the Jews, by now we know that the war economy lasted for a half century, it hasn’t petered out yet because there are always other enemies right around the corner. The public relations and other aspects of the new system fell to the newly created CIA, which has put its operatives in every elite media institution in such a clever way that the vast majority of the people have no idea that they are spoon fed only approved news.

Here, finally, are the reasons for all undemocratic policies the US has followed since WWII, the establishment knew of no other way of keeping a modern economy going but through the creation of a series of wars supported by the people through secret manipulation.

George Herbert Walker Bush was recruited by the CIA in the 50’s, he was part and parcel of the ”Bay of Pigs” invasion in 1961, he became CIA director in 1976 to protect the agency, he directed the efforts to defeat President Carter successfully through dirty tricks like sabotage of the Carter rescue mission to Teheran in 1979, he then closed a deal with the Iranians to delay the release of the American hostages so that Ronald Reagan would be elected, whereupon he wrestled the presidency away from Reagan with the help of the CIA. He continued the policies of wars for profit with deliveries of weapons to Iran, Iraq and the Contras.

Regarding Iran though, he had a problem, these deliveries had to be kept a secret because Iran was an enemy. In order to accomplish this he needed third countries to collude with him by allowing “end certificates” for weapons to be routed through their countries to Iran. And this is where Olof Palme met his destiny, he was approached about letting Bofors route American weapons to Iran through false “end certificates” and he refused. By this time the powers that be had policies in force to “align” wobbly and weak-kneed leaders of nations within the US sphere of influence. So Palme was “aligned” by a South African operative. There is no doubt that influential Swedish politicians know what happened as well as parts of the Swedish police, but they are precluded from revealing what they know through threats and their own powerlessness. As far as all the false leads leading nowhere, this is the specialty of CIA since JFK’s murder. They are masters at this game, the way they win is when people are so confused that they throw up their arms in defeat.The name of the CIA operative is Dois Gene Chip Tatum.

Later I sent the audio file with Tatum commenting on the murder, which ended up on the web page. Still not a word from the established Swedish media, although the site had hits approaching 50,000 per month. Recently this site had visits from 34 countries during one specific month, including visits from US military and government personnel!

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And read this!

New investigation shows:
The murder of Olof Palme was a state-controlled conspiracy involving the use of disinformation that wrecked the investigation.

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