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CV för informationssvindlare professor Robert E. Harkavy
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Professor of Political Science
Pennsylvania State University
107 Burrowes Building
University Park, PA 16802
Office Phone: 814-863-0743
Home Phone: 814-234-5206
fax: 814-863-8979
Yale University: 1964-1966 and 1968-1970
Ph.D., 1973, International Relations
University of California: (Berkeley) 1962-1964
M.A., Political Science
Harvard Business School: 1960-1961
No Degree
Basel University: (Switzerland) 1959-1960
No Degree
Cornell University: 1954-1958
B.A., Chemistry Major
A.B. Davis High School: 1951-1954
Mount Vernon, NY
Languages: Fairly fluent in German and reads French
1978-present The Pennsylvania State University, Political Science Department, University
Park, PA
Position: Associate Professor to Professor
Responsibilities: Courses on International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy,
Organization, International Political Economy, International Relations of the
Middle East,
Advanced International Relations Theory.
Chairman, Graduate Studies Committee, 1983-1985; Acting Chairman, Middle
East Studies
Committee, 1981-1982 and 1987.
Director, Center for Research in International and Strategic Studies.
1982-1983 U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, Carlisle, PA (on leave)
Position: Visiting Research Professor
Responsibilities: Research leading to publications on arms resupply and "lessons of
participant, team research for Office of Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations and
Department of the Army.
1977-1978 Cornell University, Center for International Studies, Ithaca, NY
Position: Senior Research Associate
Responsibilities: Post-doctoral year, engaged primarily in writing a book on
overseas bases and
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geopolitical theory.
1975-1977 U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Non-Proliferation and
International Relations Bureaus,
Washington, DC
Position: Foreign Affairs Officer
Responsibilities: Staff and research work on conventional arms transfers and
nuclear non-proliferation
problems and related arms control areas, with extensive inter-agency contacts.
Responsibility for African
and European arms transfer matters. Participant in regional conventional arms
studies and in coordination
of arms transfer and non-proliferation policies. Extensive involvement in external
research contracts.
1970-1975 Kalamazoo College, Political Science Department, Kalamazoo, MI
Position: Instructor to Assistant Professor
Responsibilities: Courses on International Relations Theory, U.S. Foreign Policy,
National Security
Policy, Multinational Corporations and U.S. Foreign Policy, Soviet Politics, and
Public Policy.
1966-1968 U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Secretariat, Washington, DC
Position: Administrative Assistant
Responsibilities: Rapporteur to the Commission, aiding in preparation of papers
presented to the
Commission for decision, and in research work for the Commission.
1961-1962 Crocker-Anglo Bank, San Francisco, CA
Position: Investment Analyst
Responsibilities: Investment analysis in the trust department of this large bank.
Portfolio analysis and
research specialization in the chemical industry.
1961 Summer Chemical Fund(F. Eberstadt), New York, NY
Position: Investment Analyst
Responsibilities: Portfolio analysis and reports on various companies and
Publications Books:
Warfare and the Third World (co-authored with Stephanie Neuman)
(New York: St. Martin's/Palgrave, 2001), 413 pages.
Strategic Geography and the Changing Middle East (co-authored with Geoffrey Kemp)
(Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution, 1997), for the Carnegie Endowment for
Peace, 506 pages.
Bases Abroad: The Global Foreign Military Presence (London: Oxford University
1989), 450 pages.
The Lessons of Recent Wars in the Third World: Comparative Dimensions (Co-edited
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Stephanie Neuman) (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath, 1987), includes "Introduction" by R.
E. Harkavy, pp.
1-6; and a chapter, "Lessons Learned, Insights Gained, Issues Raised: Summary and
Agenda for
Further Research," pp. 241-257; 257 pages.
The Lessons of Recent Wars in the Third World: Approaches and Case Studies (Coedited
Stephanie Neuman) (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath, 1985), includes chapter by R. E.
Harkavy, "The
Lessons of Recent Wars: Toward Comparative Analysis," pp. 3-32; 302 pages.
Great Power Competition for Overseas Bases: The Geopolitics of Access Diplomacy
(New York:
Pergamon, 1982), 361 pages.
Security Policies of Developing States: Implications for Regional and Global Security
with Edward A. Kolodziej) (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath, 1981), co-author of
introductory chapter, pp.
1-23, and concluding chapter, pp. 331-368; 393 pages.
American Security Policy and Policy-Making: The Dilemmas of Using and Controlling
Force (Co-edited with Edward A. Kolodziej) (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath, 1980),
includes chapter by
R. E. Harkavy, "Harmonizing Policies Across Arms Control Domains: Dilemmas and
pp. 129-147; 266 pages.
Arms Transfers in the Modern World: Problems and Prospects (Co-edited with Stephanie
(New York: Praeger, 1979), includes chapter by R. E. Harkavy, "The New Geopolitics:
Arms Transfers
and the Major Powers' Competition for Overseas Bases," pp. 131-151, and co-written
chapter, "The Road to Further Research and Theory in Arms Transfers," pp. 315-321;
371 pages.
The Arms Trade and International Systems (Cambridge, MA: Ballinger, 1975), 288
Preemption and Two-Front Conventional Warfare: A Comparison of 1967 Israeli
Strategy with
the Pre-World War I German Schlieffen Plan, Leonard Davis Institute, Hebrew
University, Jerusalem
Papers on Peace Problems, No. 23 (1978), 54 pages.
Spectre of a Middle Eastern Holocaust: The Strategic and Diplomatic Implications of the
Nuclear Weapons Program, Denver: University of Denver Monograph Series in World
Affairs (1977),
126 pages.
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"Strategic Geography and the Greater Middle East." Naval War College Review,
Vol. 54, 4 (Autumn 2001), pp. 37-54.
"Defeat, National Humiliation, and the Revenge Motif in International Politics."
International Politics,
Vol. 37, 3 (September 2000), pp. 345-368.
"Long Cycle Theory and the Hegemonic Powers' Basing Networks." Political
Geography, Vol. 18
(1999), pp. 941-972.
"Triangular or Indirect Deterrence/Compellence." Comparative Strategy, Vol. 17, 1
(Jan-Mar 1998),
pp. 63-81.
"Images of the Coming International System," Orbis, Vol. 41, 4 (Fall 1997), pp. 569-
"The Changing International System and the Arms Trade," Annals, Vol. 535 (September
pp. 11-28.
"Global Bases: Major Power Rivalry," National Forum, 66, 4 (Fall 1986), pp. 14-19.
"After the Gulf War: The Future of Israeli Nuclear Strategy," The Washington Quarterly
1991), pp. 161-179; revised version published in H. Blumberg and C. C. French (eds.),
Persian Gulf War: Views from the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Lanham, MD:
University Press of
America, 1993), pp. 441-452.
"Survival Imperatives," Society, 23, 2 (January/February 1986), pp. 63-72.
"Arms Resupply During Conflict: Framework for Analysis," The Jerusalem Journal of
Relations (1985), 7, 3 (1985), pp. 5-41; also published in Christian Schmidt (ed.), The
Economics of
Military Expenditures (London: Macmillan, 1987), pp. 239-279.
"The Lessons of Recent Wars: A Comparative Perspective," Third World Quarterly, 6, 4
1984), pp. 868-891.
"The Pariah States and Nuclear Proliferation," International Organization (Winter 1981),
pp. 83-100; also
published in George Quester (ed.), Nuclear Proliferation: Breaking the Chain (Madison:
University of
Wisconsin Press, 1981), pp. 135-163.
Co-authored with Edward A. Kolodziej, "Developing States and the International
Security System,"
Journal of International Affairs (Summer 1980), pp. 59-88; also published in John J.
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Stremlau (ed.),
The Foreign Policy Priorities of Third World States (Boulder, CO: Westview, 1982), pp.
"Harmonizing Policies Across Arms Control Domains: Dilemmas and Contradictions,"
Policy Studies
Journal (Autumn 1979), pp. 66-75; also published in Military Strategy: Theory and
Application, a
Reference Text for Department of Military Strategy, Planning, and Operations, 1982-83,
Army War College, Carlisle, PA.
"The Pariah State Syndrome," Orbis, 21 (Fall 1977), pp. 623-649.
"A Comparison of the International Arms Trade in the Interwar and Postwar Periods,"
Academician (Spring 1972), pp. 445-460.
Book Chapters:
"The Changing Strategic and Technological Basis, 1945-1962," in Simon Duke and
Wolfgang Krieger
(eds.), U.S. Military Forces in Europe, The Early Years, 1945-1970 (Boulder, CO:
Westview Press,
1993), pp. 43-64.
"Emerging Patterns of Regional Conflict: Impacts on the International System," in W.
Kaltefleiter and U.
Schumacher (eds.), Conflicts, Options, Strategies in a Threatened World (Kiel: Christian-
University, 1993), pp. 75-96.
"The United States Coping Without Bases in Europe," in J. M. O. Sharp (ed.), SIPRI,
Europe After an
American Withdrawal (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1990), pp. 456-485.
"Forward Deployment: Basing Needs, Emerging Constraints, and Alternative Solutions,"
in R. L. Pfaltzgraff
and R. H. Shultz (eds.), U.S. Defense Policy in an Era of Constrained Resources
(Lexington, MA: D.C.
Heath, 1989), pp. 193-210.
"On Basing," in Edward A. Kolodziej and Patrick Morgan (eds.), Security and Arms
Control (Westport,
CT: Greenwood Press, 1989), pp. 139-163.
"U.S. Arms Transfer and Control Policies," in Steven Spiegel, Mark Heller, and Jacob
Goldberg (eds.),
The Soviet-American Competition in the Middle East (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath,
1988), pp. 17-48.
"The Evolving Geopolitics of Nuclear-Strategic Basing for the 1990s," in Stephen
Cimbala (ed.),
Challenges to Deterrence (New York: Praeger, 1987), pp. 147-173.
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"Soviet Conventional Power Projection and Containment," in Terry L. Deibel and John
Lewis Gaddis
(eds.), Containment: Concept and Policy (Washington: National Defense University,
1986), Volume II,
pp. 311-359.
"Israel and Nuclear Weapons: The Imperative to Survive," in Louis R. Beres (ed.),
Security or
Armageddon: Israel's Nuclear Strategy (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath, 1985), pp. 97-118.
Tri-authored with A. James Gregor and Stephanie Neuman, "Arms Production in
Taiwan," in Stockholm
International Peace Research Institute, Arms Production in the Third World: A Factual
Survey (London:
Taylor and Francis, 1985), pp. 223-249.
"Military Bases in the Third World," in Scott Thompson (ed.), The Third World:
Premises of U.S. Policy,
2nd edition (San Francisco: Institute for Contemporary Studies, 1983), pp. 175-200.
"Toward Comparing Recent Wars in the 'Arc of Crisis': Lessons for Defense Planners,"
in Stephanie
Neuman (ed.), Defense Planning in Less Industrialized Countries (Lexington, MA: D.C.
Heath, 1984),
pp. 275-300.
"The Strategic Bases of Basing," in Stephen Cimbala (ed.), National Security Strategy:
Choices and
Limits (New York: Praeger, 1984), pp. 87-124.
"Arms Transfers and the Conduct of War in the Third World," in Werner Kaltefleiter and
Schumacher (eds.), Conflicts, Options, Strategies in a Threatened World (Kiel:
Christian-Albrechts-University, 1984), pp. 223-247.
Co-authored with Stephanie Neuman, "Israel's Arms Industries," in James Katz (ed.),
Arms Production in
Developing Countries (Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath, 1984), pp. 193-224.
"Politics High and Low: The Road from U.S. Power Decline to Global Inflation," in
Raymond Lombra and
Willard Witte (eds.), The Political Economy of Domestic and International Monetary
Relations (Ames,
IA: Iowa State University Press, 1981), pp. 28-36.
"Strategic Access, Bases and Arms Transfers: The Major Powers' Evolving Geopolitical
Competition in the
Middle East," in M. Leitenberg and G. Sheffer (eds.), Great Power Intervention in the
Middle East
(New York: Pergamon, 1979), pp. 165-187.
"U.S. Conventional Arms Transfer Policy," in Major U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy
Issues, a
compilation of papers prepared for the Commission on the Operation of the Senate by the
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Research Service of the Library of Congress (Washington, DC: Government Printing
Office, 1977),
pp. 43-50.
"Controlling International Traffic in Arms," in W. W. Whitson (ed.), American Security
Issues for 1977
(New York: Praeger, 1976), pp. 270-301.
"Nuclear Capabilities and Nuclear Energy," in Reeva Simon, Philip Mattar,
and Richard Bulliet, eds., The
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East, Vol. 3 (New York: Macmillan,
1996), pp. 1354-1355; and in Vol. 4. 2004. pp.
Co-editor, with Stephanie Neuman, "The Arms Trade: Problems and Prospects in the
Post-Cold War
World," Annals, Vol. 535 (September 1994).
"Discussion" of chapter by Edward Kolodziej, "Regional Security Systems," in R.
Shultz, R. Godson,
and T. Greenwood (eds.), Security Studies for the 1990s (McLean, VA: Brassey's, 1993),
pp. 392-394.
"Defense Department-Academic Relations," proceedings of the conference on Defense
Department-Academic Relations, co-edited with Stephanie Neuman and co-sponsored by
The Center for
Research in International and Strategic Studies, The Pennsylvania State University and
the U.S. Department
of Defense; University Park, PA, October 16-17, 1986, 116 pp.
"European Defense and the Transatlantic Link," compilation of papers from the
conference on European
Security in the Global Context, co-sponsored by U.S. State Department and the Institute
of European
Studies of the Free University of Brussels; Wepion, Belgium, June, 1983, pp. 53-62.
"The First One Hundred Days of the Reagan Administration," in Global
Interdependence: Changing
Perspectives in International Policy in the 80s, proceedings of the Eastern Regional
Conference for
Fulbright-Hays Scholars; May 3-6, 1981, The Pennsylvania State University, pp. 80-93.
Review Essay:
"The Military After the Cold War," Contemporary Sociology, 23, 5 (September 1994),
pp. 638-641.
Book Reviews of:
Jeremy Black, "War: Past, Present and Future", Contemporary Security Policy, Vol. 16,
No. 4 (Summer 2002),
pp. 179-182.
Mark Phythian, "The Politics of British Arms Sales Since 1964", Political Science
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Quarterly, Vol. 117, No. 2
(Summer 2002), pp.325-326.
Jörg Brechtefeld, "Mitteleuropa and German Politics: 1848 to the Present," Zeitschrift für
Politik, Vol 44,
No. 1 (Spring 1997).
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Transformation of
Japan," Annals, Vol. 542 (November 1995), pp. 229-231.
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and Negotiation,"
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Science Quarterly,
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Washington and Jerusalem: A Reporter's Notebook," American Political Science Review,
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1980), pp. 324-327.
Baljit Singh and Ko-wang Mei, "Theory and Practice of Modern Guerrilla Warfare,"
Michigan Academician, 5,
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3 (Winter 1973), pp. 409-411.
Press, 2001.
Funded Research Projects and Grants:
1999, Earhart Foundation grant for sabbatical leave work on basing access and long cycle
1999, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grant for sabbatical leave work on basing
access and long cycle
1993, MacArthur Foundation grant, with Stephanie Neuman, to hold a workshop at
Columbia University on the
international arms trade.
1992, Department of Defense, research contract, "The Military Geography of Third
World Conflict."
1992, National Defense University, Strategic Capabilities Assessment Center, grant for
work on military
1989, U.S. Institute of Peace grant, applied to project on warfare in the Third World.
1988, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation grant, with Stephanie Neuman, applied
to book, Lessons of
Recent Wars in the Third World.
1987, H. Smith Richardson Foundation grant, to support publication of report on
Department-Academic Relations."
1983-1984, Grant from Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, for cochairing
conference on
"The Lessons of Recent Wars in the Third World," and for editing related book.
1982-1983, IPA Contract for year at U.S. Army War College.
1981-1983, Supporting grants from Office of Research, College of the Liberal Arts, The
Pennsylvania State
1979, Rockefeller Foundation grant, with Edward Kolodziej, for project on security
policies of developing states.
1978, Ford Foundation grant, with Edward Kolodziej, applied to book, American Security
Policy and
1977-1978, Post-doctoral fellowship from the Institute for the Study of World Politics.
1977-1978, Post-doctoral research project at the Cornell Center for International Studies,
administered by the
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Ford Foundation.
1977-1978, U.S. Navy War College, Newport, Rhode Island, for the Advanced Research
Council, applied to
book, Great Power Competition for Overseas Bases.
1973, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Contract 0014-67-A-0097-007, monitored by
the Office of Naval
Research, for dissertation work.
1971, 1972, Faculty Development Grants, Kalamazoo College.
1969, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Fellowship, administered by the
National Academy of
1969, Joseph de Karman Fellowship, administered by Aerojet-General Corporation.
Papers Presented at Professional Meetings; Various Topics in Diverse Areas of International
Affairs, Most Listed Previously Under Publications:
""Global and Sub-Global Reach: An Initial Effort at Historical Scope and
Definition," International Studies Association, March 2004, Montreal,
"Thinking the Unthinkable: The U.S. and Europe as Hegemonic Rivals and/or Enemies,"
East-West College,
Brühl, Germany, May, 2000.
"Long Cycle Theory and the Hegemonic Powers' Basing Networks." International
Studies Association, March
1998, Minneapolis.
"Triangular or Indirect Deterrence/Compellence: Something New in Deterrence
Theory?" International Studies
Association, March 1997, Toronto.
"Defeat, National Humiliation, and the Revenge Motif in International Politics,"
International Studies Association,
April 1996, San Diego.
"The New Strategic Map in the Middle East: The Emerging Spectre of Proliferation of
Weapons of Mass
Destruction," and "A New World Order?" presented at Summer National Security
Seminar, Kiel, August 1994.
International Studies Association: 1974 (Carlisle), 1976 (Toronto), 1979 (Toronto), 1980
(Los Angeles), 1982
(Cincinnati), 1984 (Atlanta), 1986 (Anaheim, CA), 1991 (Vancouver).
"Political Scientists and Military Historians: A Dialogue on Approaches to the Study of
Third World Wars,"
International Studies Association, London (March 1989).
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American Political Science Association: 1976 (Chicago), 1980 (Washington).
"Soviet Naval Bases in the Third World," presentation, annual conference of American
Association for the
Advancement of Slavic Studies, Chicago (November 1989).
"The U.S. Coping Without European Bases," conference on Europe After American
Withdrawal: Economic
and Military Issues, Stockholm, SIPRI (October 1988).
"Forward Deployment: Basing Needs, Emerging Constraints, and Alternative Solutions,"
conference on U.S.
National Defense Policy: Priorities and Options for the "Spillover to the Middle East,"
paper presented at the
conference on Nuclear Proliferation Dynamics in South Asia, Science Applications
International Corporation,
McLean, VA (June 1988).
"U.S. Arms Transfer Policy in the Middle East," conference on The Soviet-American
Competition in the
Middle East, Tel Aviv University, Israel (July 1986), co-authored with Stephanie
"European Defense and the Transatlantic Link," conference on European Security in the
Global Context,
co-sponsored by USIS and The Free University of Brussels, Wepion, Belgium (June
"Arms Transfers and the Conduct of War in the Third World," National Security
Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany (July 1983).
"Some Lessons of Recent Wars in the Third World," Georgetown Center for Strategic
and International Studies,
Annual Conference (October 1983).
"Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Background and Issues," conference on Europe, the
Superpowers and the
Threat of Nuclear War, Kalamazoo, Michigan (May 1983).
"The Strategic Bases of Basing," Foreign Policy Research Institute Conference,
Washington, DC (August 1982).
"Toward Comparing Recent Wars in the 'Arc of Crisis': Lessons for Defense Planners,"
Columbia University
Conference on Defense Planning in Less Industrialized Countries, New York (April
"Arms Resupply During Conflict," Georgetown Center for Strategic and International
Annual Conference (September 1981).
"Security Policies of Developing States: A Framework," co-authored with Edward
Kolodziej, Conference on
Security Policies of Developing States, Urbana, Illinois (Spring 1980).
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"Strategic Access, Bases, and Arms Transfers: The Major Powers' Evolving Geopolitical
Competition in the
Middle East," Cornell University Conference on Middle Eastern Politics (1977).
Midwest Political Science Association: 1974 (Chicago), 1977 (Chicago).
Michigan Academy: 1971 (Kalamazoo), 1972 (E. Lansing), 1973 (Ann Arbor).
Speaking Engagements, Panel Participation, Invited Lectures, Miscellany:
Presentation, "Warfare in the Modern World and Military Reform," Summer
Academy on Strategic Studies, Munich, Germany, conference
co-organized by the University of Kiel and ETH/Zurich. Co-chaired second
week of conference.
Lecture, "Congress and Foreign Policy," Foreign Policy Association, Harrisburg, January
Lecture, " September 11 and Its Impact on the International System," Norristown Public
Library, September 2002.
Lecture, "Ethnic Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy," Conference on Turkish and Other
Ethnic Minorities in
Germany, Berlin, December 1999.
Lecture on "U.S. Foreign Policy and Latin America," Malente, Germany, April 2000.
Discussant, panel on "The Scientific Study of Arms Transfers," ISA, Washington, DC,
March 1999.
Lectures at Freedoms Foundation summer seminar, Valley Forge, PA, 1996 and 1998.
Lectures and Seminars, March 1995, Shanghai, China, at Shanghai Normal University,
Shanghai International
Studies University, and Shanghai Institute for International Studies, on various aspects of
international relations
and national security.
Co-chairman, conference on The Arms Trade and Arms Control in the post-Cold War
Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University (November 1993).
Lecture, "Israeli Nuclear Weapons," U.S. Military Academy, West Point (April 1994).
Participant, one-week seminar on the teaching of intelligence, Consortium for the Study
of Intelligence, Bowdoin
College, ME (August 1992).
Lectures in Germany, 1991-92, at CDU Headquarters, Bad Oldesloe; Kennedy Haus in
Kiel; and Territorial
Command HQ, Kiel; and in Sweden at SIPRI and at Institute for International Affairs
(Sweden), on various
aspects of ongoing research on Third World conflict.
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Presentation at conference in Atlanta, GA, Georgia Institute of Technology, on Strategic
Mobility, Forward
Presence, and the Defense of American Interests (September 1991).
Discussant, conference on teaching national security, Sugarbush Mountain, VT (July
Discussant, panel on the arms trade, International Political Science Association, Buenos
Aires (July 1991).
Chairman, panel on "Military Geography: The Forgotten Factor," International Studies
Association, Vancouver
(March 1991).
Panel participant, "Bush Administration Middle Eastern Policies," APSA Annual
Meeting, Chicago (1992).
Chairman, panel on "Hegemonic Decline and Superpower Intervention," APSA, San
Francisco (1990).
Discussant, panel on current national security issues, Northeast Political Science
Association, Philadelphia
(November 1989).
Panel chairman or discussant, various topics, annual meetings of International Studies
Association: 1985
(Washington), 1982 (St. Louis), 1981 (Philadelphia), 1980 (Los Angeles), 1978
1977 (St. Louis), 1975 (Washington).
Panel chairman or discussant, various topics, annual meetings of the Section on Military
Studies (SOMS) of the
International Studies Association: 1982 (Carlisle), 1976 (Columbus).
Co-chairman, conference on "Defense Department-Academic Relations," The
Pennsylvania State University
(October 1986).
Discussant, conference on "The Soviet-American Competition in the Middle East,"
UCLA (October 1986).
Presentation, "New Suppliers and Their Motivations," workshop on Trends in the Arms
Trade, University of
California at Irvine (September 1986).
Discussant, Conference on Defense, Security, and Development, University of London,
Birkbeck College,
U.K. (March 1986).
Invited lectures in recent years: Arizona State University, Lafayette College, U.S. Naval
War College, U.S. Arms
Control and Disarmament Agency, C.I.A., The Pennsylvania State University,
Gettysburg College, Kalamazoo
College, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, University of Pittsburgh, University of
Southern California (Frankfurt),
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The Fletcher School (Tufts University), University of Hamburg, University of Kiel,
Georgetown University,
University of Hohenheim (Germany), Freedoms Foundation, U.S. Air Force Academy.
Co-chairman, conference on The Lessons of Recent Wars in the Third World, U. S. Army
War College,
Carlisle, PA (September 20-22, 1984).
Participant, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Symposium on Nuclear
Proliferation, Airlie House,
Virginia (July 1982).
Participant, series of symposia on nuclear proliferation held under the auspices of the
Georgetown Center for
Strategic and International Studies (1982).
Lecture Tour for U.S. Information Agency, February-March 1993, on "Emerging
Foreign Policy of Clinton
Administration": Croatia (Zagreb), Germany (Speyer, Kiel).
Lecture tour for U.S. Information Agency, February-March 1988, on various aspects of
U.S. foreign policy and
arms control: Iceland; Hamburg and W. Berlin (West Germany); E. Berlin (E. Germany);
Bern, Zurich, Geneva
(Switzerland); Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul (Turkey); Madrid, Barcelona (Spain); Cyprus.
Lecture tour for U.S. Information Agency, July-August 1982, on various aspects of U.S.
arms control policies:
Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife (Brazil); Mexico City (Mexico). Related
published interviews on arms
control developments in magazine Impacto (Mexico), October 1982; and in newspaper,
O'Estado de Sao
Paulo (Brazil), August 29, 1982.
Lecture tour for U.S. Information Agency, March 1981, on various aspects of "Emerging
Security Policies of the
Reagan Administration": Brussels and Louvain (Belgium); Bonn and W. Berlin (FRG);
Titograd, Belgrade,
Zagreb, Ljubljana (Yugoslavia); E. Berlin (DDR).
Panel Discussant, "The Reagan Administration's Emerging Middle Eastern Policies,"
Pennsylvania Political
Science Association (March 1981).
Panel Discussant, Black Studies Symposium, "South Africa in Southern Africa," The
Pennsylvania State
University, University Park, Pennsylvania (October 13-14, 1980).
Panel Discussant, "Nonproliferation Regime," The Stanley Foundation's 21st Strategy
for Peace Conference,
Airlie House, Virginia (October 1980).
Delphi poll panelist, in W. Boroson and D. P. Snyder, "The First Nuclear War," Next
(September/October 1980), pp. 29-37.
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Speech, "The Interrelation Between Arms Control Domains," Annual U.N. Conference,
Central Michigan
Professional Memberships: University 1976). (Similar speech to Foreign Policy
Association, Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania [1977]).
American Political Science Association, International Studies Association, International
Institute for Strategic
Studies, London (elected), Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society,
Atlantic Council (associate).
Membership, Editorial Board:
Comparative Strategy, International Studies Perspectives
Other Awards and Fellowships:
Fulbright Senior Research/Lecturing Grant, University of Kiel, Germany, May-August
Penn State University, College of the Liberal Arts, award for Distinction in the Social
Sciences, 1987.
Fulbright research grant, Stockholm, Sweden, Summer 1985, sponsored by the
Stockholm International Peace
Research Institute.
Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, 1991-1992, Summers of 1983 and 1984, and
1999-2000, sponsored by
Institute of Political Science, Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, West Germany; and
again in 1999-2000 in
connection with sabbatical leave.
New York State and Cornell State Scholarships; Phi Beta Kappa at Cornell. University
Fellowships and
graduate assistantships at Berkeley and Yale.
Aaron Wildavsky book award for "one of the best policy studies books published since
1975," presented by the
Policy Studies Organization, for co-edited Security Policies of Developing States.
Additional Teaching:
Summer courses on U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy, University of Kiel,
Germany, 2001 and 2004.
Seminar on "Neo-Conservative Thought; University of Kiel, Summer 2004.
Visiting Professor, University of Kiel, Germany, 1991-1992, Graduate Seminar on U.S.
Foreign Policy; in
Summer 1994, Block Seminar, "The New Strategic Map in The Middle East."
Visiting lecturer, Nihon University, College of International Relations, Japan, May-June
1992; lectures on U.S.
foreign and national security policies, international relations theory; and again in May
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Graduate course, international relations theory, Penn State/Capitol Campus, Harrisburg,
Spring 1983.
Graduate course, international relations theory, The New School for Social Research,
New York, Summer 1979.
Participant and lecturer, series of workshops for high school teachers and administrators
on the teaching of
international relations, under the auspices of National Security Research, Inc., in Los
Angeles, San Diego,
Sacramento, Philadelphia, Denver, and Melbourne (FL), 1990.
Consultantships-Recent Years:
Stanford Research Institute, BDM Corporation, Hudson Institute, Congressional
Research Service, Comparative
Defense Studies Program of Columbia University, U.S. Army War College, Office of the
Secretary of Defense/Net
Assessment, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, National Defense University,
National Institute for Public
Policy/National Security Research, Inc., Science Applications International Corporation,
Aries Analytical, Inc., U.S. Naval War College.
Member, academic advisory committee, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, U.S.
Arms Control and
Disarmament Agency, 1981-1985.
Member, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace study group on Arms Control and
the Proliferation of
High Technology Weapons in the Near East and South Asia, 1988-1989.
Member, study group on "The Emerging Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States,"
resulting in report
published by Hudson Institute and National Security Research, Inc., 1992
Military Service:
Reserve officer, U.S. Army, artillery, Second to First Lieutenant, 1958-1966, six months'
active duty,
1958-1959. Graduate, basic artillery officers' school, Fort Sill, OK, 1958. Basic training
Fort Dix, NJ, 1958-1959.
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