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Leopold Report can now prove that certain named individuals that appeared in the Palme murder police investigation in fact were professional disinformants with roots in US intelligence. Cleverly and effectively, they have misled and deceived the Swedish government, the Swedish Secret Service (SÄPO), and the murder investigators.
This is perhaps the most important reason why the entire Palme investigation has derailed. The Government’s Murder Investigation Commission (GK) made some attempts to uncover disinformation, hoping that the investigators made this a particular subject for investigation, but this was never done.

All the disinformation has also misled large parts of Swedish and international media and literature during the 25 years of murder investigation. This is of course also the case for the voluminous Palme murder material at Leopold Report. The disinformation has been of a nature that has made it virtually impossible to detect.

This has become clear only now, after the extensive research we have conducted and now present in a series of articles. As this series progresses, we will point to some of the disinformation that has hit Leopold Report. Thus, as the first publication, Leopold Report now corrects this for its many readers.

It is my hope that you will follow our series of articles. This will reveal that the murder operation was a state-sponsored conspiracy with several international players. It will also reveal the Swedes who did not only contribute to disinformation, but also were involved in the preparation and implementation of the murder operation.

Anders Leopold
Publisher of the data base and webzine, registered by the Swedish Radio and TV Administration.




New investigation shows:

The murder of Olof Palme was a state-controlled conspiracy involving the use of disinformation that wrecked the investigation.

* This is the second part of a series of articles in Leopold Report that based on extensive investigation and analysis will show that the murder of Olof Palme was a state-controlled operation.

* In our work, we have i. a. studied murders of state leaders around the world since World War II, and collected knowledge about the operational aspects associated with planning, preparations, implementation, and post-murder operations. In all these phases, the intelligence services make use of their own disinformants. The deception often has as a consequence that the investigation based on their information is wrecked, interrupted or entirely closed. This is also the intention.

* A disinformation strategy may also include using disinformation that actively sabotages the murder investigation as such, and causes such damage that finding the solution to the murder becomes almost impossible.

* Several examples of this kind will be put into evidence with regard to the investigation of the Palme murder.

* The authors of this series are John Anderson, Tony Widing, and Anders Leopold. The two former have extensive knowledge about intelligence activities.